About Us


Founded in 2016, Candle Tech is a leading international solutions provider to the information technology field and its different sectors, Also we could gain the confidence of our special clients over the seas.


Light IT UP
Light your business up by the new cloud computing and digitalized technologies.



Our mission to achieve our goal by providing the newest technology to our valuable customers and always making new partnerships with the best international companies.


Digital Marketing

Candle Tech promotes your brand using all forms of digital advertising channels to reach consumers such as SEO and Social Media Marketing.

Web Development

Candle Tech creates your responsive, awesome and high performance website with the latest technologies.

Cloud Computing

Candle Tech provides full online solutions for your enterprise like online ERP, CRM, Ecommerce, and other online services.

2D/3D Designs

Candle Tech creates or re-innovates an awesome brand, Graphic design, identity design, and corporate advertising 2D or 3D technology.

Motion Graphics

Candle Tech converts your static designs and combines your marketing ideas to motion video graphic provide a meaningful and engaging experience for your audience.

Software Solutions

Candle Tech computerizes your project to save your time and cost, we already have our ready solutions such as ERP, CRM, POS, Ecommerce, and more.

Why our customers trust us?

Service Quality

Our products and services are always delivered with the quality that always satisfies you.

Expert team

Highly qualified team with long-term expertise.

Fast Delivery

We are strict with our schedule to deliver the final project in time.

Online Support

24/7 online and phone support.

Project Validation

We are always ready to validate our contracts with the final production.

Confidential Agreement

Your data and information always private.